Jimmy Gnecco at Raw Culture

Jun 19 - 19

Jimmy Gnecco will be at Raw Culture Bairro Alto for an intimate and private concert on the 19th of June. To reserve a seat please send an e-mail to info@rawculturebairroalto.com
Every now and then we get a special chance to witness something special which memory will turn into an imprint. The voice of Jimmy Gnecco will soon do just that in Lisbon at RAW on a special night in June. Difficult to pin down as his creative strive has always been multidisciplinary and plural, Jimmy is one of the most talented singers and songwriters of his generation, showcasing a particular talent for timeless classics which mix a poetic streak and a strong, raw and down to earth life experience. On June the 19th RAW will host a truly intimate gathering for friends and fans, and for all those who believe that every journey has a soundtrack. Say it loud and clear, make it RAW.
Jimmy Gnecco

Jimmy Gnecco


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Raw Culture Art & Lofts Bairro Alto

Jimmy Gnecco at Raw Culture | Art Gallery