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Raw Culture Art & Lofts Bairro Alto

Art & Lofts in the Heart of Bairro Alto.

Some people can't live apart from character, style and creative energy.
These people simply will not put up with a nondescript room that looks the same whether in Lisbon, Madrid or Katmandu.
Raw Culture Bairro Alto was designed to welcome these people, by creating a unique atmosphere for an original concept: we took an ancient building that used to house the printing facilities of a Portuguese Typography and built 13 magnificent lofts around a skylight staircase that rises up from an Art Gallery and Cultural Venue.


13 unique lofts.

Discover our stunning Lofts, explore their every nook and cranny, and unveil each secret story behind the startling objects that render them so special and unique.

G-3.2 - Metal

G-3.2 - Metal

An Industrial overtone to a rather urban and sophisticated atmosphere is what first strikes the visitor to this Loft. The contrast between the well worn leather pieces and the stark metallic lines that permeate the whole space create a unique style that extends to the welcoming bedroom and the convenient twin WC’s, across the practical dining area and into the spacious lounge area.

G-3.1 - Bold

G-3.1 - Bold

A strong personality demands a bolder style. Colours are stronger, contrast lines are well defined. Each object is a statement, each piece a blatant exclamation. And in this Loft all is mingled into its own harmony, one that unabashedly presents the breadth of its bedroom, the convenience of its two WC’s and the generosity of its living and dining areas - to be enjoyed by strong personalities alone.


Art Gallery


Mar 24 - Sep 3

You can choose where and how you travel. With whom also, and those you find along the way (although that takes a few twists and turns). But the memories you bring and the photos you take tell another story. And it is this story we’re about to tell. From Haleiwa to Biarritz A visual journey by Bernard Testemale A Photography Exhibition at RAW curated by João Vilela Geraldo

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Raw Culture Art & Lofts Bairro Alto